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The 5 Year Filler.

We are thrilled to be partnered with such an outstanding product. Not only are the results immediate, they are truly long lasting. Dr. Fondacaro has spent the last few months with BellaFill Certified trainers to really solidify his belief that this would be beneficial for our patients in each practice.

BellaFill has completed the longest dermal filler study ever undertaken, and is the only filler on the market with an FDA approval of a 5 year lasting effect.


This product is perfect for our patients who receive multiple filler treatments throughout the year. For those patients who feel "needle-fatigued" throughout the year, this treatment is for you. For those patients who feel that traditional HA fillers are not lasting a full 5-10-12 months, this treatment is for you. For the patients who want true value for the money they invest in themselves, this treatment is for you.

Before the procedure, a skin test is required to determine whether are a candidate for the procedure. For the month of January, we are offering free skin tests to all of our existing patients.

A complimentary cost analysis will be provided as well, showing what you have spent on fillers thus far, versus what you can spend for something that will last 5 years.

We were also impressed with BellaFill's financing partner, UGA. All Bellafill procedures will have financing available.

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